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  Nanotol & CeNano 

Nanotol®creates a thin, invisible layer of nanopolymers. Dirt, dust, and fat can no longer bond with the surface and can be easily removed from the sealed surface using clear water without any cleaning agents.

CeNano are used on wood, textiles, and mineral substrates such as concrete, plaster, screed, or natural stone.

Coated textiles, garden furniture, building facades or walls become hydriphobic, or water repellent. Water "beads up" on their surfaces. The water particles remove loose dirt, hence the surface gets cleaned.

Download Nanotol and CeNano write up.pdf

Nano-San is a hygiene mat with colloidal silver. The antibacterial mat prevents the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Conventional household cleaners that are suspected to contribute substantially to the alarming increase in allergies can be drastically reduced.

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  Aquamix Products & Services 

Aqua Mix provides complete solution for all stone, tile, and grout care and maintenance products and services related to Sealers, Cleaners, Tile Grout Colorants, Stone Care, Maintenance  and Problem Solvers. 

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