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Welcome to Plackal Trading & Services Pvt. Ltd.  Founded in 2006, the company sprouted being the authorized distributors and applicators for Aquamix range of products and services for Kerala, India. Ranked as Number One and operating in more than 35 countries, Aqua mix Inc, USA, offers a wide range of innovative products and services for the housekeeping, building and construction industry.  As a promising distributor we have made in roads to multiple projects in kerala and confirm serious customer delivery solution through architects, hoteliers, builders and contractors.  Our quintessential principles of Synergy, Excellence, honesty and Commitment have enabled us to successfully execute numerous outstanding projects of fame and repute.  

We focus working with GREEN, NO VOC or Low VOC, environmental friendly and biodegradable products.




Gradually, the company diversified into products and solutions from 3M, became the distributors for Nanotol, CeNano and Nanosan products for Middle East and India and recently become the exclusive dealers and distributors of Tubby DIY products from Mend-a-Bath for India.


Aqua Mix is a leading provider of innovative care products for natural stone, tile and grout due to its dedication to professional results and unparalleled customer service. Whether the installation is natural stone, porcelain, or ceramic tile, each type of stone has unique properties and unique needs for care and maintenance, making it critical to know which products to use on which types of surfaces. The proper sealers, cleaners, and other care products are an integral part of preserving the natural beauty of stone, and Aqua Mix offers a professional line of products to address the unique needs of most varieties of stone, tile, and grout.

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3M Care Systems

Under Carpet care and maintenance solutions we supply floor scrubbing pads, wooden floor sanding pads, floor srubbing heavy duty bristle pads, 3M Stainless Steel cleaners, 3M fabric cleaners and 3M wax removal.  3M USA, is a global technology company delivering innovative solutions to life's everyday needs. 
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CeNano GmbH & Co. KG, Germany manufactures Nanotol, a universal nano sealant that treats non porous surfaces so that they can be cleaned ecologically with either Nanotol cleaners or simply with water. The use of nanotol not only reduces cleaning times by more than 70%, but eliminates the need for all environmentally damaging cleaning agents. The Indian lotus plant provided the example of a self-cleaning effect.  Raindrops easily wash dirt and dust off the plant's leaves. 
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 CeNano sealants are available for wood, textiles and mineral substrates.
Coated textiles, garden furniture, building facades or walls become hydriphobic, or water repellent. Water "beads up" on their surfaces. The water particles remove loose dirt – the surface is cleaned.

Our shoe deodarant from CeNano is based on Nano Silver Ions.  Nano-silver ions sprayed inside the shoes don't give athlete's foot and bacteria a chance.  At the first application, they destroy almost 100 percent of bacteria and fungi and prevent them from returning.  In addition, they give the shoes a fresh, pleasant scent.

Nanofix cleans, descales, and seals in one short step. After use, water runs off on its own, the surface does not need to be dried.

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NanoSan Germicidal Mats:
Nano-San is a hygiene mat with colloidal silver. The antibacterial mat prevents the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Conventional household cleaners that are suspected to contribute substantially to the alarming increase in allergies can be drastically reduced. Nano-San is the hygienic solution for hotels, industry, sports, medicine, and all areas of life where hygiene is essential. 

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Tubby DIY

TUBBY DIY products are produced by Mend-A-Bath International www.mendabath.com, which has been active in the resurfacing (refinishing, re-glazing, re-enamelling) of sanitaryware (bathtubs, basins, tiles, toilet exteriors) industry for the past 30 years.

The coating material has passed stringent tests by the National Standards Authority in the country of its origin for adhesion, impact resistance, alkali and acid resistance, hot water resistance, chemical resistance, and abrasion resistance. It will not crack on contact with hot water, resists discolouration and is safe to use.  The coating material can be used on porcelain, cast iron, fibreglass, cultured marble, pressed steel, ceramics and plastics. It can also be used on washbasins, tiles, toilet exteriors and bidets. In fact, any surface like a fridge or freezer can be resurfaced / refinished with the TUBBY DIY Bathtub Resurfacing Kit.

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Aluminum Co.
Engaged in offering aluminum fabrication services like Aluminum canopy , Aluminum partition, Aluminum sliding window's, Aluminum sliding door's, Aluminum False ceiling, Structural Cladding, ACP Claddings, Aluminum railings, Venetian Blinds.