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CeNano sealants are available for wood, textiles and mineral substrates.
Coated textiles, garden furniture, building facades or walls become hydriphobic, or water repellent. Water "beads up" on their surfaces. The water particles remove loose dirt – the surface is cleaned.

Water beadlets on sealed fabric                 Water beadlets on sealed wood

Our shoe deodarant from CeNano is based on Nano Silver Ions.  Nano-silver ions sprayed inside the shoes don't give athlete's foot and bacteria a chance.  At the first application, they destroy almost 100 percent of bacteria and fungi and prevent them from returning.  In addition, they give the shoes a fresh, pleasant scent.

Nanofix cleans, descales, and seals in one short step. After use, water runs off on its own, the surface does not need to be dried.