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Applications - Nanotol


Car care is more simple than ever. A sealed vehicle repels dirt and can be washed in just a few minutes with clear water.
A sealed windshield not only improves visibility when it rains, it is also easier to clean.  

Cleaning windows, sunrooms and facades.  Sealed glass or plexiglass panes stay clean longer and are easy to clean. The frames, whether made of plastic, wood, or aluminum, can be sealed with nanotol.

Caravans and campers  You can finally enjoy your holidays! The sealed surface stays clean longer, the annoying black streaks caused by water running down don't even appear, and resin and dirt can be removed with clear water.

Sanitary facilities.  Lime build-up is a thing of the past! Tiles sealed with nanotol are so smooth that lime cannot form on them. Our top seller Nanofix with make you love cleaning day.

Boat care.  Nanotol is a great help below and above the water line. After the boating season, clean your boat below the water line easily. The surfaces on deck repel dirt and leave you time for fun!

Optical lenses and glasses.  Sealed eyeglasses have a higher transmission coefficient and are easier to clean.

Monitors, TVs, computers and electronic entertainment articles.  They become antistatic and stay clean longer. Fingerprints and dust can be wiped away using a moist microfiber cloth without any cleaning products.

Facility Management.  Surfaces sealed with nanotol can be cleaned in half the time. That saves time and labor. Recalculate your offers and offer a cleaning service that is easier than ever and cheaper than the competition!

Various uses.  Nanotol is already used successfully in many different industries. Aircraft owners, railroads and public institutions use the dirt-repellent effect of nanotol, for example to make traffic signs easier to clean and thus save time.