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The Tubby DIY Kit contains everything you need to fully resurface your bathtub or bathroom sanitaryware in the colour of your choice inturn saving your money and time by 75%.  Don't replace your Sanitaryware instead Resurface it. It's easy to resurface your bath and much less hassle! No re-plumbing, no re-tiling, mess, no fuss - just a shiny new bath! A perfect solution for a great result on a small budget.

Whether you are a seasoned DIY (Do it youself) expert or a complete novice, Tubby's user friendly, six stage approach will have you away within minutes.  You may also avail this service from trained dealers across the country.  Kindly contact us and we shall be glad to find and assist you with an applicator close to your location.

Easy to use, versatile and cost effective, the Tubby DIY kit allows you to resurface your bath in only 3 hours and once the material dries and hardens your bath will be ready to use after just 48 hours. No re-plumbing, no re-tiling, no-mess, no fuss, just a shiny new hard wearing coat in the colour of your choice! And if you have any questions along the way, rest assured you can contact us for advice and tips!


Tubby is a durable two-part epoxy-based coating specially formulated for use on porcelain, acrylic, cast-iron, fibreglass, pressed steel, cultured marble and ceramics so you can use it on baths, sinks, toilet exteriors, bidets and even tiles. Because of it's special properties Tubby is undoubtedly one of the best bathware resurfacing and tile painting materials on the market. With TUBBY DIY you can transform your entire bathroom suite for relatively little expense!

Our proven formula works on worn, discoloured or badly stained surfaces - saving your money on the cost of replacement. If you really want to get creative you can use the kit to give washing machines, fridges, dryers or freezers a hygienic, 'as new' finish!

1 Kit = 1 Bathtub or approx 4 sq.m 

The kit contains enough material to effectively cover a standard-sized bath with two coats, so one kit per bath is all you need.



Tubby has been stringently tested by the National Standards Authority SA for resilience, long term adhesion and safety. It will not crack on contact with very hot water, resists discolouration and is safe to use as it contains no caustic substances. The real test has been in homes, hotels and B&B's across the world and our material has been proven many thousands of times over since the 1980's. Its durability and finish are second to none so provided you carry out the correct preparation, Tubby will last for years to come.



  1. Coating
  2. Hardener
  3. Roller Handle
  4. Roller Heads
  5. 13mm Paintbrush
  6. 10mm Masking Tape
  7. Plastic Bags
  8. Paint Tray
  9. #120 Abrasive Paper
  10. Paint Stirrer
  11. Special Cleaning Powder
  12. Cleaning Pad
  13. Gloves
  14. Dust Mask
  15. Instruction Leaflet

Tubby Chip Repair Kit


Ramadan Mubarak.





The TUBBY DIY Chip Repair Kit uses the same coating and hardener materials contained in the TUBBY DIY Bathtub Resurfacing Kit. This kit will enable you to repair chips to your bathtub surface - saving you lots of money when compared to the costs of either resurfacing / refinishing / reglazing / re-enamelling the complete bathtub, or replacing the bathtub. One TUBBY DIY Chip Repair Kit contains enough material to repair multiple chips.

The TUBBY DIY Chip Repair Kit contains everything you need to repair chips on a bathtub surface. Toners are provided to blend in the colour to the existing colour of the bathtub surfaceThe Kit Contents

The coating material can be used on porcelain, cast iron, fibreglass, cultured marble, pressed steel, ceramics and plastics. It can also be used on washbasins, tiles, toilet exteriors and bidets. In fact, any surface like a fridge, freezer or microwave can be repaired with the TUBBY DIY Chip Repair kit.

  1. Cleaning solvent
  2. Coating bottle
  3. Hardener bottle
  4. Toner bottle
  5. Toner bottle
  6. Toner bottle
  7. Cleaning pad
  8. Absorbent paper
  9. Sanding patch
  10. Paint brush
  11. Toothpick
  12. Mixing spatula
  13. Instruction card (rear of packaging)