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Carpet Maintenance


General Care & Maintenance
* End of Tenancy Cleaning or Move In / Move Out Cleaning or Pre / Post Tenancy Cleaning
* home / Office Cleaning
* Contract Cleaning
Unexcelled Performance
* High standards of integrity, reliability, honesty, dependability and efficiency
* Cleaning technicians are professionally trained
* Attention given to the small details
* Environmentally friendly and safe cleaning products 
Unmistakable Results
* Prompt response to special cleaning needs
* 24hr guarantee to ensure complete satisfaction

If something gets spilled on your carpet, take prompt action to prevent staining. Use Carpet sealers to prevent the carpet from getting stained.  Liquids take longer time to sink into the pile thus giving a better protection.  For more details on this, please visit our range of carpet, rugs and fabric protectors from CeNano.

State-of-the-Art Cleaning Systems
Our state-of-the-art cleaning systems restore the appearance and leave a much healthier indoor environment for you, your staff and your clients.


Hire Professionals to further maintain your carpets

Ø      Get your carpets professionally cleaned at least every 12 months, even if you clean them very often 

Ø      Lighter shade carpets may require more cleaning intervals

Ø      Professional cleaning methods include hot water extraction and  rotary shampoo.


Top Ten Tips for Carpet Care and Maintenance

Clean carpets contribute to a healthy indoor environment and if maintained properly, will look better and last longer! Follow these tips to preserve the appearance of your carpets, slow down the wear and tear process and extend their lives for many years.

1)      Vacuum regularly, at least 2 to 3 times per week, paying particular attention to heavy traffic areas.

2)      Use door mats at all entrances to reduce the amount of dirt tracked through your home.

3)      Keep your kitchen floor clean - grease and oil can be tracked through your house on to carpets.

4)      Ask family members to remove their shoes at the door.

5)      Act quickly to prevent spots and spills causing permanent damage to your carpet.

6)      Before using any stain removing product, test on an inconspicuous area of the carpet or rug for colour fastness.

7)      Rearrange your furniture regularly - this will change traffic areas and prevent excessive pile crushing.

8)      Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, this will stop dust being circulated back into the air that we breathe.

9)      When tackling a stain, always blot from the outside in, never scrub or rub as this will cause permanent damage to the carpet.

10)  Have your carpets professionally deep cleaned at least once a year using hot water extraction.

All carpets will eventually show signs of wear. This can create the illusion of soiling which often causes frustration and misunderstanding between homeowners and carpet care experts. Remember, when a 5 year old carpet is cleaned, the result is a clean 5 year old carpet!