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3M Products and Chemicals

We have the right product you need for any commercial cleaning application. 3M cleaning chemicals are available in a wide variety to cater your individual needs right from concentrates to ready-to-use solutions. We also sell chemicals that are a part of cleaning-chemical-management systems. You'll find the right 3M cleaning chemicals to fit the job.

  • Hard floors
  • Carpets
  • Food Service
  • Restrooms
  • Marble Care
  • Specialty Systems

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 Twist 'n Fill Cleaning Chemical Management System 
The Twist 'n Fill system features a single, compact dispenser designed to accurately dilute and dispense a wide range of cleaning chemicals. You pick and choose only the chemicals you need for your cleaning tasks, then dilute and dispense them all through the same dispenser.



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3M Carpet Care



Withcarpet care and maintenance products, we become your one stop cleaning service provider and professional specialists with a wide-range of services to make your carpets and upholstery cleaner, safer and more environmentally friendly for your clients, family and employees.  We carry out commercial carpet cleaning for offices, pubs, night clubs, hotels, cafes, restaurants, shops, residential homes and conference halls.


Our well experienced and trained staff are ready and committed to providing you with high quality service from a vast range of commercial and domestic services. Our team is constantly raising their standards through training and quality performance making Services a name that is both reliable and trustworthy.


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Carpet Maintenance