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3M Floor Pads


Considered the industry standard by cleaning professionals, our complete floor-care line provides long-lasting performance for burnishing, buffing, cleaning, spray cleaning, scrubbing, and stripping.

3M Floor Brushes

3M Floor brushes attach just like pads, allowing quick pad-to-brush changeovers. Their unique wedge design provides multiple cleaning edges - ideal for grouted floor and other uneven floor surfaces.


3M Sanding Screens


Screen like discs for wet and dry surfaces are available in a variety of grits for refinishing wood, concrete, urethane, marble and stone.

3M Doodlebug Products


Convenient versatile cleaning system for hard to reach areas. Includes a a variety of pads, pad holder, hand block and a general purpose brush for cleaning tile and grout, concrete, vinyl, brick, and raised circular pattern rubber floors.


Scotch-Brite Hand Pads and Sponges



Our full line of nonwoven hand pads has synthetic fibers that conform to cracks, crevices and corners for tough cleaning. They're non-rusting and mildew-resistant too. Commercial grade cellulose sponges are available in a variety of textures and sizes for every cleaning need.

3M Dusting System


A combination of dusting cloth and holders provides a convenient, efficient way to dust floors, walls and furniture. Cloth can be used for hand dusting, over existing dust mop or with holder for oil free dusting.