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Twist 'n Fill Cleaning Chemical Management System


   The Twist 'n Fill system features a single, compact dispenser designed to accurately dilute and dispense a wide range of cleaning chemicals. You pick and choose only the chemicals you need for your cleaning tasks, then dilute and dispense them all through the same dispenser.

The Result? Your workers are safer. Mixing is easier, less wasteful and far more flexible. Your cleaning chemical are consistent. Storage of Chemicals is simplified and reduced. There's less risk to the environment. And, in the long run, your costs are lower.

CompuBlend II Cleaning Chemical Management System The CompuBlend II system is designed for heavy users of cleaning chemicals. It uses eight base chemicals, blends them with each other and dilutes them with water to create 30 top-performing cleaning chemicals. The control panel allows user to select the cleaner and amount needed at the touch of a button.

3M Bulk cleaning chemical management systems are convenient, space-saving ways to mix and dispense cleaners. Bulk chemicals, however, may be a convenient, cost-effective alternative for some users. Or, they can complement existing chemical management systems for others.

With Bulk Chemicals, you have the flexibility to choose the types of chemicals you purchase, concentrates or ready to use liquids or aerosols.

3M Cleaning Chemical Management Systems can be placed almost anywhere thanks to their size and how they control all of your chemicals. The pictures below demonstrate how the 3M Twist 'n Fill Cleaning Chemical Management System can attach to a wall or be attached to the side of a cart for mobile access of your chemicals.